Cartoon Physics

by Shred Flintstone

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N.J. Racket Cartoon physics is the perfect album for the summer. These five songs will get you dancing before the opening, “Happy Song,” even comes to an end. This first track has such a nostalgic feel to it, I can almost convince myself that when I was twelve my friends and I used to dance in my bedroom to it while Jason Biggs made sloppy love to a pie. The final track on this album, “You Don’t Know Me,” is the perfect anti-social anthem. Favorite track: Happy Song.
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Happy Song 01:22
I don't want to wait, You can't stop me. Feet are 2 quik and my head is 2 moppy. I know you love me baby but I got to run. See I don't care, That's not a question, Ex's wondering why they left him. Hell, I don't blame them, now I just wanna have fun. I know you must be proud of your opinion cause you're screaming it sooo loud, but I don't want to hear it! Shut up... I can't take it. I've got a headache and you're all faking. Hey Satan where did you get that gun? It's getting warm out you might need a jacket. My last job though, I couldn't hack it So we should pack it up and then we'll marry the sun. I know you must be proud of your opinion cause you're screaming it sooo loud. Everybody's head is in the cloud and we can't get out, we don't know how, it's over crowded, I can't take it! Slow down, No need to hurry. We all die, so don't w0rry. Oh U can't escape!! There's no neeeeed 2 run run run runr.
Buggin' 02:07
Hey I don't think I know you but I'm feeling that I would like to know you. It's appealing the way you're strangling me With your eyes. This train is wild like an animal and everyone aboard has turned to cannibal and I don't want to crash and burn I'd rather look at u nd die. That's why I'm I'm hitchhiking Hot comets through Space Ride interstellar zone. And I don't smoke Hydroponics cause I'm a negative creep When I'm st0ned. So just let go And I'll show you Everything the TV won't. This world need some serious therapy we can't afford to pay for. Its buggin me out! :( Buggin me out dude!! :o Do you think I made a good impression? Did I try too hard? Do you find me interesting? I'm investing in patiently waiting Anxiously on your reply. But soon too You'll be on another continent and I'll just be another Free lunch with compliments, but maybe if the word implodes Than you will finally realize That I'm Hitchiking Hot comets through Space rider Interstellar zone 4 U. ND I don't sm0ke Hydroponics cause I'm a negative creep when I'm stoned W/ you. So just let go I'll tell you Anything you wanna know. I need some serious therapy I can't afford to pay for. You're buggin me out! :( I'm bugging you out too.
To-Do List 01:52
It's on my To-Do List To find someone To do things with. It's on my To-Do list to leak naked pictures of the president. It's on my To-do list to do anything that I wish. It's on my to-do list To figure out How to say this. I can wait for no one Cause nothing waits for me. Just me and my list! Everything is nothing, Nothing's all there is. What the hell did we miss? Who is that? What is this? Eat the scapegoat Tastes like chicken. Super fast Uber quick Pick me up I'm feeling sick. There's poison in the streets And people drinking their own piss. They're poisoning the meat Well at least I have got this list. Your heart will weigh you down. Throw your TV on the ground. They're praying that you'll drown. Fox News will hold you down. They'll feed you to the clowns And you'll think you're hearing sounds And your heart will weigh you down. Come to think of it.... Yeah, No I will probably weigh you down.
Night light illuminate the dark, Sleep tight underneath the bad moon. In my dreams I'm swimming with the sharks And they're mad that they can't do what I do, Confined to The bad news. But now they're pulling me down... They're hoping maybe they can surface When I drown.. We're going round for round. But I'm more than what they thought they'd find, LEgend of the Samurai. Death Kult all caught up in your ways. How did I get here? What's the right move? I know you'd love for me to stay, but I can fly away, No I will not lose. You're confined to The Bad News.
When I think of everybody It makes me feel like I'm alone. And I don't think that anybody Can show me the right way home. Now how's that for isolation You silly punk rock kid, Going to shows and complaining When you don't even know where I've been. The Pain is a Daydream When Insane is the Mainstream. Lately I've been hung up On all these things that Don't matter. And I fear the end is coming soon. My head is filled with pessimistic bugs and consistent chatter, I sure do miss the man on the moon.. But now the grandiose commander is here to save the day! He's going to tell it like it is. Cause he's got all the answers yeah, Surely he knows everything. But he don't really know where we've been..


Shred Flintstone is:

Bridget Bakie: Bass
Dan Barrecchia: Guitar/Vocals
Joey Giambra: Drums


released May 19, 2017

We hope this music makes you feel good about being yourself in a world that wants you not to feel good about being yourself.

Recorded/Mixed/Mastered: Max Rauch

Thank you to Greg Furlong for playing drums on this record before Joey and Bridget fell into the picture. This band couldn't have started without you.

Sniffling Indie Kids <3


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Shred Flintstone New Jersey


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